Power Rope Sisal - Thick

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The Power Rope is classic Iron Edge; a new, unusual implement that has a pain factor that far outstrips its innocuous appearance.

Simple to set up and equally simple to use, it provides a crushing upper-body cardio workout in a very brief period of time. Five minutes with a Power Rope and many will walk around it forever after as if it is a snake.

The benefit of Power Rope training is essentially twofold; it provides a gruelling cardiovascular workout while training both grip strength and shoulder endurance at the same time. As far as cardio goes, its application is quite lateral. Many people, ranging from athletes to the average punter, struggle with doing a lot of running. Power Ropes allow those people to achieve great results without the pounding and stress of running long distances. The extra benefit of working with ropes is that they require a coordinated physical effort emanating from the core; you have to revert to using your core as the prime mover to keep the ropes going.

An added value of ropes is that they don’t require a high level of skill to use; minimal instruction and practise is all you need to get started. They are also easy to store and are mechanically simple, which makes them easy to maintain. Power Ropes are also available with a nylon casing that prevents shedding as well as protecting them from the elements, which makes them ideal for boot camps and outdoor applications.


  • 15m in length
  • 2 inch diameter
  • made from Sisal
  • end caps to prevent fraying
  • weighs 25kg

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Why Iron Edge

1. Peace of mind

With over 200,000 satisfied customers, Iron Edge is Australia's no.1 high-performance strength training brand.

2. Range - what you need, when you need it

Iron Edge have the biggest range of training equipment available in Australia. From enormous Matrix frames, through to kettlebells, rowers and weightlifting equipment. We stock over 1000 different products at our 7000m2 warehouse facility in Melbourne so you'll never be wanting (or waiting) again.

3. Expertise - we train the trainers

When you ask the tough questions, you need to get the right answers. Our staff include masters of strength & conditioning, exercise physiologists, a kettlebell master of sports, level 1 Crossfit® trainers and highly experienced industry professionals. You can speak to them on the phone or via email or have an account manager visit your facility. And in most cases get a response within 24 hours.

4. Quality - often copied. Never equalled.

Whilst plenty of our competitors claim to be selling the same quality steel rigs, racks and frames as Iron Edge. None are. Here's why:

  • We manufacture in Melbourne, Australia and have the 'Australian Made' badge to prove it.
  • We employ an in-house engineering team to design, engineer, test and oversee design and manufacture.
  • Our product testing is obsessive - computer simulators inflict 27,000 years of abuse on bars, joins and components.
  • We design equipment to be modular whenever possible so you can add to it rather than replace it.
  • We have in house Quality Assurance engineers over seeing our whole supply chain to ensure high standards are met and nothing leaves our warehouse that is not to spec.

5. No 'BS' guarantee

We don't just say our products are the best available. We back it up with an industry leading guarantee. That means if ever your Iron Edge equipment fails to deliver on its promise we will replace it.


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By Brendan | 21 February 2014
Awesome piece of equipment. Pleasantly surprised by its difficulty.
By Jeremy | 10 May 2013
We have been very pleased with the quality of the power ropes and the fantastic service we received during the purchase, Jeremy
Power Rope - Sisal - Thick
By Adrian | 5 February 2013
Great Product Great Service Very reliable Team
What A Beast!
By Alex | 2 October 2012
This is awesome, workouts are brutal but worth it!! CanÍt believe how good it is... and delivery...Awesome Enough Said
By Mad Roc Fit | 16 May 2012

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