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About Us

G'day, Rick from Iron Edge here.

I thought you might be interested in a little bit more info about what we do. I'll try not to bore you, but the story so far goes a bit like this:

I've always been interested in fitness. As a curious young bloke, I was always open to new ideas and methods for improving my athletic performance. First of all, I discovered there's a lot of crap out there (I'm sure you've discovered a fair bit of it yourself) and it's not easy to distinguish the BS from what actually works. One day while searching the web, I stumbled across the strength coach, Pavel Tsatsouline. He was banging on about these odd-looking things called kettlebells. Further reading revealed a little-known Russian training device that promised an intense workout unlike any other fitness tool.

The Russians had been using Kettlebells for hundreds of years, to which they attributed their dominance of their Western opponents. Courtesy of Tsatsouline and his ilk, word was beginning to spread throughout the USA and other parts of the world. This was all very well, but I had a problem; kettlebells were nowhere to be found in Australia. There were no suppliers, and having some shipped here was going to cost the price of a small car.

The solution? I had a wooden mould made and headed off to the local foundry. The first bell was a bit rough around the edges, but it was all I needed to convince me that kettlebell training was the real deal. The workout they provided was like no other; dynamic, full-body, strength, power, flexibility, grip, co-ordination and skill, all wrapped up in a crude pood of steel. In short - it was the implement I'd been looking for.

Word spread quickly and I was soon making kettlebells for other hardcore fitness enthusiasts around the country. Shortly after, I quit my personal training career and Iron Edge was born.

I understand from my days as a personal trainer that having a product is one thing, but knowing how to use it is the key. For this reason, we launched Australia's first-and-only kettlebell certification course (AKI), and now have hundreds of qualified instructors throughout the country. We then set up monthly kettlebell workshops and continue to stock a full range of DVDs, books and training manuals on all our products. Other insightful and well-researched courses are in the works, covering equipment and topics such as bands, functional training and group training. Our YouTube channel has literally hundreds of videos and the blog has many articles from some of the industry's leading practitioners to teach you how to use our products properly. Many companies see the internet as a sales tool; we see that as putting the cart before the horse. For this reason, we continue to invest significant time into making this website a hub of both products and education.

We've come a long way since the early days, branching out to be Australia's leading supplier of high-performance training gear with over 700 products. The company has grown to number thirty staff, many of who started off as customers themselves. This way, we're recruiting from the grass-roots; we want to employ like-minded people who live and breathe it. We also emphasise Aussie-made products, in addition to reselling products hand-picked from other industry leaders. We create and innovate using our own in-house engineers. The Matrix, Slosh Balls, the Barbell Jack, and Farmer's Walk Handles are just a few examples. Along the way, we've built a reputation as the go-to company for the hardcore. We are the principal supplier of high-performance training gear for Australia's high-performance training centers, having decked out the majority of AFL, NRL, ADF/SAS bases, sports institutes and gyms.

The fitness industry is changing. Many people are fed-up with the training and equipment marketed by commercial gyms. People have woken up, smelled the BS and, in response, created an alternative fitness culture. Iron Edge are currently marrying information with product development to help the industry develop along the lines of what we believe in; good, hard, functional training, facilitated by products that demonstrate those values.

If you're serious about training, we have the product and the information to help you. We deliver personal and knowledgeable service to ensure you are outfitted with the right equipment and the knowledge on how to use it.
Enjoy browsing the site or drop into our 1200m2 showroom in Glen Iris (Melbourne).

Rick Ravensdale,

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