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  • Barbells



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Iron Edge Barbell Training Benefits

Iron Edge Barbell Training Benefits

Arguably the most important piece of equipment in the gym, a barbell needs to be able to take everything a serious trainer throws at it. With the extensive range of Iron Edge barbells, every strength level, age and training goal is catered for. As a lifter, you should have confidence in your bar to perform to the level you expect. At Iron Edge, you can trust the quality and craftsmanship of every single barbell.

  • Various weighted barbells
    • 8kg Aluminum bar for learning technique
    • 15kg & 20kg bars for senior lifters
  • Bushing and Bearing bars to suit your needs for entry level Olympic Lifting
  • Premium Olympic Bars for serious training loads
  • Premium Power Bars designed specifically with powerlifters in mind
  • A range of finishes – Chrome or Hardened chrome
  • Black Nitride shaft coating, to create a more durable, unbreakable bar
  • 100% Stainless Steel sleeves
  • Various specialty bars – Trap bars, Swiss Bar, Fat Bar – to add variety and different stimuli to your training program
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