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Cotters Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting Book & DVD

Rated: 4.54545454545 out of 5 based on 11 customer reviews

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Who else wants to get their hands on the most comprehensive guide to mastering kettlebells?

From: Cameron
Where: Australian Kettlebell Headquarters
Time: 12.37pm

Steve Cotter knows his stuff. When it comes to kettlebells it may be hard to find anyone in the Western world that has his experience and his knowledge.

I was lucky enough to spend a week with Steve (or Cotts as he became affectionately known) in November 2008. This week took my understanding of kettlebell technique from zero to a level that most people will never know.

The thing that impressed me the most was his dedication and application to the sport he loves. He literally eat, sleeps and breaths kettlebells. Each seminar he gave his all and ensured every participant got the most out of themselves. He wouldn't finish or move on until the group had a deep comprehension of the task at hand.

And this scene repeated itself across the country. Each new seminar Steve would turn up and give 100% in a five-hour gut busting presentation. The dude doesn't get tired, lose concentration, cut corners or give up. He's a true professional.

Best of all he has the knowledge to make you the best you can be. He has trained with the best and knows how to teach. It's fair to say Steve is a coaching champion and can help you.

Become the fittest, strongest and most capabale athlete you can be.

His latest product, The Complete Guide To Kettlebell Lifting, is pure Steve Cotter – comprehensive, professional and all class.

If you're looking for a resource (not just a book) to help you get the most out of your kettlebell training then this is what you're looking for.

Steve has filled a void in the kettlebell market. He has produced the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject. In fact he has over delivered. With 255 pages of colour photos and detailed descriptions, this book will allow you to train every muscle group through every range of motion possible.

It's the only kettlebell book you'll ever need

And if you think I'm kidding check out the 191 exercises you're about to learn.

CHAPTER 1 - Preparatory Lifts
1. Around the Body Pass
2. Halos
3. Hip Circles
4. Hip Figure 8
5. Neck Rotations
6. Neck Flexion-Extension
8. Shoulder Rolls-Alternating
9. Between Legs Pass
10. Box Squat
11. Downward Dog-Cobra Stretch
12. Good Morning Stretch
13. Overhead Arm Circles
14. Bent Over Arm Circles
15. Single Arm Circles
16. Neck and Chest Opener
17. Kettlebell Armbar

CHAPTER 2 - Core Lifts
18. Two Arm Swing
19. One Arm Swing
20. One Arm Clean
21. Double Clean
22. One Arm Press
23. Double Press
24. One arm Push-Press
25. Double Push-Press
26. One Arm Jerk
27. Double Jerk
28. One Arm Clean & Jerk
29. Double Clean & Jerk
30. Snatch

CHAPTER 3 - Upper Body Lifts
32. One Arm Floor Press
33. Double Floor Press
34. One Arm Bent Row
35. Double Bent Row
36. Renegade Rows
37. Bottoms Up Pushup-Vertical
38. Bottoms Up Pushup-Horizontal
39. Alternating Floor Press
40. Alternating Bent Row
41. Crossover Pushup
42. Crush Curl


CHAPTER 4 - Lower Body Lifts
43. Deck Squat
44. Overhead Squat
45. Double Overhead Squat
46. One Leg Deadlift
47. Split Squat-Lunge
48. The Pistol
49. Weighted Pistol
50. Racked Pistol
51. Box Pistol
52. Box Hang Pistol
53. Behind the Head Squat
54. Racked Lunge
55. One Leg Deadlift - Contralateral
56. One Leg Deadlift - Ipsilateral
57. Extended One Leg Deadlift
58. Straight Leg Deadlift
59. Swing Squats
60. Hack Squat
61. 3 Position Step-Ups
62. Extended Straight Leg Deadift
63. Overhead Lunge
64. Lateral Lunge
65. Cossack Lunges
66. Push-Pull
67. Plie' Squat
68. Front Squat Kicks
69. Lateral Slipping
70. Slingshot Squat
71. Overhead Squat Kicks

CHAPTER 5 - Abdominal / Core
72. Get Up Sit Ups
73. Double Get Up Sit Ups
74. Turkish Get Up-Lunge Var 1
75. Turkish Get Up-Lunge Var 2
76. Windmills
77. Double Windmill
78. Heavy Good Mornings
79. Bent Press
80. Russian Twist
81. Pullovers
82. Double Pullovers
83. Alternating Pullovers
84. L-Sit
85. L-Sit Knees to Chest
86. L-Sit Dips
87. Suitcase Deadlifts
88. Iron Belly Breathing
89. Hook Swings
90. Seated Hook Swings
91. Rotations
92. Overhead Rotation
93. Towel Swings
94. Half Get Ups
95. Double Half Get Ups
96. Alternating Half Get Ups
97. Jackknives
98. Torso Twists
99. Seated Hot Potato
100. Seated Figure 8

CHAPTER 6 - Supplemental Lifts
101. One Arm Rack
102. Double Rack
103. One Arm Overhead Walk
104. Double Overhead Walk
105. Alternating Press-2 count
106. Alternating Press-1 count
107. Half Snatch
108. One Arm Chair Press
109. Double Chair Press
110. Alternating Chair Press
111. Side Press
112. Alternating Clean-2 count
113. Alternating Snatch-2 count
114. Waiter's Press

CHAPTER 7 - Grip Exercises
115. Bottoms Up Clean
116. Bottoms Up Press
117. Bottoms Up Clean Press
118. Farmer's Hold
119. 1 Hand/2 KB Swings
120. 1 Hand/2 KB Suitcase Deadlifts
121. Pinkie Clean & Press
122. Fingertip Swings
123. Thumb Snatch

CHAPTER 8 - Advanced Lifts
125. Double Swings
126. Double 1/2 Snatch
127. Double Snatch
128. Walking Swings-Forward
129. Walking Swings-Backward
130. Walking Swings-Lateral
131. Crescent Swings
132. Sots Press
133. Alternating Clean-1 count
134. Alternating Snatch-1 count
135. Dbl Bottoms Up Clean & Press
136. Turkish Get Up-Squat Var
137. 2 Hands Anyhow
138. 1 Arm/1 Leg Press-Contralat
139. Bottoms Up Floor Press
140. Extended Snatch
141. Extended Double Snatch
142. Elevated Windmill
143. Elevated Double Windmill
144. Anchored Snatch
145. Walking Snatch-Forward
146. Walking Snatch-Backward
147. Walking Snatch-Lateral
148. One Arm Seated Snatch
149. Double Seated Snatch
150. Iron Cross
151. Alternating Seated Snatch
152. Double Bottoms Up Snatch
153. Alt Bottoms Up Snatch-2
154. Alt Bottoms Up Snatch-1
155. Double Sots Press
156. Alternating Sots Press
157. Bridge Press
158. Dbl Bottoms Pushup-Vert
159. Dbl Bottoms Pushup-Horz
160. Anchored Press
161. Lunge Press
162. 1 Arm/1 Leg Press Ips.
163. Walking Clean-Forward
164. Walking Clean-Backward
165. Walking Clean-Lateral
166. Alt. Btms Up Clean & Press
167. Bear Crawls-Forward
168. Bear Crawls-Backward
169. Single Leg Rows
170. Single Leg Double Rows
171. Single Leg Clean
172. Single Leg Double Clean
173. Single Leg Snatch
174. Single Leg Double Snatch

CHAPTER 9 - Explosive Powerlifts
175. One Arm Dead Clean
176. Double Dead Clean
177. One Arm Dead Snatch
178. Double Dead Snatch
179. Jump Shrugs
180. Seated One Arm Clean
181. Seated Double Clean
182. Anchored Clean
183. Seated Alternating Clean
184. Horizontal Rows-Single
185. Horizontal Rows-Double
186. Horizontal Rows-Alternating

CHAPTER 10 - Kettlebell Juggling
187. Hot Potato
188. Hand-to-Hand Swing
189. Open Palm Clean
190. Open Palm Snatch
191. Open Palm Clean & Press

I told you it was comprehensive! Steve hasn't squibbed on quality either. There's over 1000 professional photographs that have highlighted the key positions and will help you hardwire correct kettlebell technique into your brain.

This really is the perfect kettlebell training resource. It's not a book you'll read once. It's something that you'll keep referring to time and time again. Ideal for the fitness professional who wants more than a "beginner" level product.

Each reading will give you the insider tips, secrets and techniques that only come from learning from a true master.

And there's one more thing.

The book comes with an accompanying DVD. Each exercise has a video companion - you can see Steve performing each exercise with the perfect technique.

A combination of reading the book and viewing the DVD is the next best thing to having a private training session with Steve.

Steve has covered all bases with this kettlebell training resource - it's hard to imagine a better kettlebell training product. And at only $85 it represents incredible value.

Order your copy now.


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Rated: 4.54545454545 out of 5 based on 11 customer reviews

john g
Sep 22, 2012
Great resource

Very pleased with product. Excellent variety of KB exercises, great illustrations that are backed up with a no-nonsense DVD that clearly shows execution of the lifts. Very easy to find the desired lift on the DVD. Highly recommend.

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Jan 9, 2012

0 of 1 people found this review useful.

great service

very pleased with the purchase , the service was faster than expected .thank you

Was this helpful

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Nov 23, 2011

1 of 3 people found this review useful.

This book is very far off being complete

Hundreds of pages of pretty pictures of some guy doing kettlebells. the ebook kettlebell guide on iron edge has far more information. too many pictures not enough knowledge. i was looking for a book that would expand my knowledge of kettlebells deeply. this book does not acheive that. if you are a beginner you would be better off spending you money getting someone to show you the basic lifts and going from there. side note have not watched the dvd.cant rate it. probably wont.

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