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The kettlebell originated in rural Russia where it was used as a counterweight to weigh grain. Farmers started to swing them around and soon discovered how effective they were at developing their strength and cardio vascular fitness.

Throughout the 20th century the kettlebell was used as a training tool by the Russian military -especially the feared Special Forces unit known as the Spetsnaz. They were also integral to the preparation of the USSR’s dominant Olympic strength athletes.

What makes the kettlebell unique is its displaced centre of mass. Normal resistance training equipment (dumbbells or barbells) have a central balance point -usually where the handle is. Not the kettlebell. It’s centre of mass is located away from the handle making it a constant battle to control the dynamic force being applied to your hand and body.

Training Benefits:

  • All round conditioning tool - provides cardiorespiratory and strength endurance training
  • Strengthens connective tissue through repeated shock absorption and ballistic movements
  • Improves muscle co-ordination and skill
  • Improves mobility under load
  • Increases power with ballistic swings and snatches
  • Portability - train anywhere and throw it in your bag or car
  • Versatility - doze

Industry Innovators:

Iron Edge was founded with the production of Australia’s first kettlebell back in 2002. Since then we’ve gone on to sell over 100,000 kettlebells and become the leading authority on kettlebell training and high performance equipment in Australia. Our kettlebell range has evolved over time with constant improvements made to ensure our kettlebells are the best performing and most durable that you will find.

Iron Edge have ‘trained the trainers’ for years via our Kettlebell workshops. We count professional kettlebell instructors and even a Kettlebell ‘Master Of Sports’ amongst our staff. When it comes to buying a kettlebell and learning how to use it, with Iron Edge you could not be in more experienced hands.



"Up until March this year I was very involved with Kayaking and mountain biking along with bodyweight strength training, crossfit and naked warrior.

In March whilst riding my gorgeous 3 week old single speed to work, had an accident and fractured my T-12 vertebrae, Could not walk for a couple of weeks and had so much pain in all back muscles. I completed a degree in sports science about 15 years ago and decided now would be the time I needed it most and started research on how to strengthen core muscles as I had mostly neglected them. Got hooked on the idea of Kettlebells through internet research and bought a 16kg in April from the guys at the Fitness Expo, Darling Harbour now that I could now walk around.

Took it easy at first by following the advice in Kettlebell challenge, and my physio eventually told me not to bother coming back as he couldn't help me anymore. My core strength has already surpassed what it was before my accident and even now only 5 months later can dead lift my bodyweight again. Doctor has cleared it OK as it was a stable compression fracture.

Have since gotten my brother in law hooked and he too is in love with his 16kg. I have gained that much strength and lost body fat since the accident, my wife is getting me a new 24kg for Christmas – can't wait.

Discovering the kettlebell has seriously changed my view on exercise."


"I received my first kettlebell from Iron Edge and haven't looked back. I have been practising jujitsu for over 6 years now and this piece of training equipment has started to give me the primal strength I was looking for. A better, stronger grip, a more stable core, improved leg strength (one legged squats rule!!) all while retaining my much treasured flexibility. I used to kind of wince at the thought of lifting barbells but this kettlebell has got me coming back for more. What can I say, I've been bitten by the 'bell bug and I'm lovin' it."

Aaron Ellis
ISKA Australia Light Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
Former; ISKA Australian Light Welterweight Title
ISKA Queensland Light Welterweight Title
Complete-Strength Muay Thai Club

"I use Kettlbells because nothing else compares to the results they deliver. I have increased Power, Strength and Flexibility. I forgot to mention the extreme increase in Endurance as well! For the sport of Kickboxing you need to be tough as well, Kettlebells toughen you mental and physically. All my students are now using them and can't believe the gains."


"For the last 7 years my training consisted of going to the gym and doing your standard gym exercises and not getting great results, 5 months ago I came across Kettlebells and now I know what real strength is. Since using Kettlebells I have become stronger, fitter and faster, my core strength has gone through the roof and I have never felt better. My training mainly focuses on power, so using Kettlebells has also given me more size and the best thing is they are great fun, I never want to not workout. I no longer have a need to go to the gym so I have already saved a heap in gym fees therefore making Kettlebells a great investment for the future."

Mat Shields

"Hi Rick,
Thanks for the great service with the kettlebells. I've been training with the kb's for about a year now. Previously I was strictly body weights full stop. With my previous training I got to 75 push ups, 200 squats and a dead lift of 80kgs. After the arrival of the 16kg kb I ceased this program to concentrate on the kb exercises as demonstrated of the Pavel DVD. After a month I was ready to purchase the 24.

After a further two months of training with nothing but the kb's I decided to try my old program to see if the claims of transferred strength were all they were cracked up to be. The results: 200 pushups, 500 squats and a dead lift of 130kgs! All this with a strict diet of swings and snatches with a weight of 24kgs! Truly amazing! Also a drop of 20kgs of body weight. At 29 I am fitter, stronger and leaner than when I was 18. Not a bad effort. This has allowed me to make leaps and bounds in speed and technique in my sport of judo. I am now up to the 32kg kb which has resulted with an even larger jump in strength without an inch of size gain.

My core program is:
- 5 x 5 in all pushes and presses
- 5 x 10 in all swings and snatches
- simple and effective, I'm not concerned with anything more complex. I got my results with sweat only.

Anyway thanks again.

Kostya Tszyu
(former undisputed World Champion boxer)

"I started using the Kettlebell a long, long time ago back in Russia: we have used them for many generations. They are an important tool in my training regime. Just to lift them up off the ground there is a lot of physical competition for you. I have found a variety of different exercises that I can use for strength and for speed. No matter if you're a champion athlete or just want to keep fit, after a workout with the Kettlebell your entire body is strengthened and you feel ready to conquer the world."

Frank Shamrock
UFC Legend

"I did kettlebell training for this one, which I don't know if you ever did kettlebell training, but man, that is some serious work… it is all these funky, crazy body movements that you do while balancing and controlling this ball. It is very core oriented. It is very balance specific. I can tell you, after about three weeks the density of my muscles had honestly increased by about 50%. I gained five pounds of muscle, which for me, I haven't gained weight for eight years. I've immediately tacked on muscle. I've never felt stronger. That was wild."


"I have worked in the fitness industry for many years with anyone from everyday people to Elite athletes. Through the use of Kettlebells I have been able to offer my clients a new degree of training for Strength, Stability and Focus. Kettlebells have issued the challenge to even my seasoned performers and allowed them to elevate themselves to a higher level. Many have struggled with what seems such a simple object but when they finally prevail, they are left with a true sense of satisfaction and achievement. If only I had learnt the Russians secret of Kettlebell training sooner..."


"Been lifting for bout 5 months or so, and have seen great improvements across the board. Seems to have helped my lifting in the gym and adds a different element to strength training. Am looking at completely crossing over, but must check the pros and cons toward running. Would really love to be able to though, cant get enough of them."


"Swinging a 16kg Kettlebell say 3 times a week takes my bench press up 40kg in 3 months when actually doing bench press three times a week didn't! Forget the gym membership, do this! You'll get fitter, stronger and most of all you'll have more fun doing it. It really does work."

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