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Rubber Flooring

Rated: 5 out of 5 based on 10 customer reviews

*Note: $35.00
Rubber Flooring 2281 Rubber Flooring 2274 Rubber Flooring 2280 Rubber Flooring 2281


Ideal for a commercial or home gym, this high grade rubber flooring is non-slip and shock absorbing.

  • 1m (L) x 1m (W) x 15mm (thick) with bevelled edge
  • water-proof
  • non-toxic
  • black in colour
  • low odour
  • made from 100% recycled environmentally friendly rubber

Give us a call on 1300 85 40 50 for discounted rates on large quantities (orders over 80 tiles). 

* Please note, orders of more than 10 pieces of flooring cannot be picked up from our showroom, please call us to arrange collection from our warehouse.



Q: Hi, do these have any type of attachment so they can join together? thanks

A: No, there is no attachment with these mats. They do fit snuggly together when laid down correctly.

Q: Hey, do these needed to be glued down at all? I've got a big garage gym setup in a double garage at the moment however its a rental.

A: No need to glue them down, they're heavy and enough to grip the floor and not to move around.

Q: I recently purchased this product & there is an oily finish on the surface of the rubber flooring which as a consequence is leaving foot prints all over the surface. What is the best solution to remove this problem?

A: A warm mop with a dish washing detergent will clear it up the fastest.

Q: Hi, How heavy per mat and are they commercial grade? Regards Wil

A: Each mat weighs ~12kgs. They meet all the fire safety regs, and yes they are commercial grade.


A: Shoot through an email to info@ironedge.com.au and we'll be able to help you out with your requirements.

Q: How hard are they to cut to fit a desired space

A: Not hard at all, a Stanley knife with a fresh blade makes short work of cutting them up.

Q: Are these suitable as a lifting platform (over concrete) for bumper plates (like ironedge premium bumper plates)?

A: The purpose of using a lifting platform is to prolong the life of your equipment. The 15mm Rubber Flooring is certainly better than dropping straight onto concrete, but it's not ideal. 50mm rubber is the standard for weightlifting platforms. Check out the Iron Edge option here http://www.kettlebells.com.au/store/rubber-flooring-50mm-x-500mm-x-500mm.html

Q: Just curious if these floor tiles are sealed to protect them from sweat, odors etc.

A: Not specifically, but we're yet to hear of any odor issues arising from not being sealed.

Q: Hi, how suitable the mats are for sled training? Not sure if thats the ideal type of mat if you using a sled over it.

A: It's workable but not ideal in some cases. The Rubber Flooring provides a lot of friction which is exacerbated with the addition of extra weight. It's suitability will very much depend on your training goals.

Q: Is it possible to buy less than 10? I have a small home gym and only require 6. Thanks.

A: The 10 minimum is set for shipping purposes. However, if you send an email through to info@ironedge.com we can arrange less than 10.

Q: Are these mats better placed directly on concrete flooring or can they be placed on carpet?

A: It would depend on what carpet you're planning on placing the mats on. Basically as long as you have a firm base that the mats won't sink into (once you're walking on it) any surface texture will work.

Q: Hi, Just wondering if these mats are suitable for outdoor use. I've got a concreted area in my backyard I'd like to use these on, but they won't be undercover...they'll be exposed to the elements...Thanks

A: They will tolerate being outside. The drawback being that they wont dry out underneath after they get wet. This will create a build up of mould

Q: Hi, I am looking to get 1 big mat printed on (like a compass to help cue up 3 dimensional exercises). Using this product i would need to put them together before being printed on and i will need to move the mat in between 2 venues. Whole mat would need to be roughly 2.5-3m x 2.5-3m. Do you have any products or suggestions on how i could achieve this? Suppose better first question is Can they be printed on? Cheers, Grant.

A: The Rubber Flooring is only available in 1m x 1m square tiles and they can't be printed on.

Q: I have gym in my garage, can i park my car on them?

A: Yes, no problem.

Q: Hi there I currently have underlay and carpet in my PT Studio. Do i need to remove the carpet to lay these mats down or can i lay straight over top?

A: There's nothing to stop you from laying straight over the top. However whatever "softness" the carpet/underlay provided will be felt through the rubber which may not be ideal for heavy lifts.

Q: Hi just wanted to ask if i had 2 layers of these mats would it be storng enough to handle heavy deadlifts ( 250kg range ) without damaging my plates or flooring? of course i would use wood to stand on but to stop bounce and what not would the double layer work?

A: Two layers of 15mm flooring should be fine if you're using bumpers, however if you're using cast iron plates you'll still really want to avoid dropping them from height.

Q: Hi looking for mat for jump rope shock absorbtion... Is this mat the best out of your four on offer?

A: Yes, the 15mm Rubber Flooring offers the best compromise of shock absorption and comfortably for jump rope.

Q: Hi picked up a few of these today, do you know of a good way to get rid of the new rubber smell. Does it go away with time?/would leaving them out in the sun for a few days help get rid of it quicker?

A: Due to the nature of this product in some instances there has been reports of a slight rubbery smell. The best way to combat this issue is to air the product out as much as possible. The smell in time will dissipate.

Q: Hi I would like to know the best way to keep this flooring clean? What is the manufacturers recommendations? If mop what kind works best as we have used many different also can chemicals be used? Is a steam mop recommended? Thanks

A: Most of the feedback from customers is that a standard mop and water works well. I would not recommend a steam mop as we are unaware of the effect on the flooring.

Q: Hi I would like to put them over wooden floorboards which are on a concrete slab. Is this a suitable option for a home gym which is 5mx5mx3m (LWH)

A: The rubber flooring tiles are designed for this particular purpose. They offer a great solution for gym flooring.

Q: I've got about 40 of these mats and they feel great underfoot except for being a bit slippery, is there anything that can be done to reduce the slip?

A: Aside from making sure that they aren't getting wet and keeping them dry there isn't much more that can be done.

Q: I am opening a personal training studio and would love to have these mats for my flooring.  Do you ship to the US? 

A: Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas just yet.

Q: Just wanted to confirm that these mats would be durable enough to hold the weight of a car? Thanks for your help.

A: This flooring will be fine to park a car on top of.

Q: I am looking at purchasing rubber flooring for a number of our studios/skills centres. Our building permits require the flooring to meet fire safety regs. I read above that they do but I need certification confirming that is the case. Can you provide certificates with specification info including Fire related test results (specifically Radiant Flux and Max Smoke Development)?

A: Shoot an email to info@ironedge.com.au and we'll be able to get you the relevant certificates.

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Rated: 5 out of 5 based on 10 customer reviews

May 8, 2014

1 of 1 people found this review useful.

Quality and Value

Perfect addition to the home gym - high quality, very durable and economical. Top notch customer service as always. 

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Aug 15, 2013

1 of 1 people found this review useful.

Great Mats

Put my mats in my garage for my home gym. They look great and prevent damage to my weights, skip rope, etc. I have to park my car over part of them and have checked if they have been squashed down. Nope no change. Love Ironedge gear!

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Bianca Szabo
Feb 25, 2013
Excellent Product for my Med Ball Slams

Bought this to do my med ball slams outside - perfect size and protects the ball as it should - great customer service when purchasing this product!

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