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Speed Rope - Original

Rated: 4.6875 out of 5 based on 48 customer reviews

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Ironedge Speed Rope Scott Comber Speed Rope Review


How to build the heart and lungs of an elite athlete.

The magic of our products are often their simplicity. And they don't have to be new products – some of our products are old ideas made new.

Take the humble skipping rope. Add a thin metal wire (instead of a rope) and you have a crazy, but effective, all round conditioning tool.

Here's the full story.

The Speed Rope is a standard skipping rope on speed. The thin wire ensures maximum speed can be generated, which means the rope is fast enough to circle the body more than once per jump. The CrossFit dudes call these double-unders (or triple-unders) and they're a big part of their training routines.


Because ten minutes of skipping is the equivalent of running a four minute mile. It's a tough workout! Typically, a few minutes skipping is enough to get the heart pumping.

It also has the advantage of being able to be performed in confined spaces. You only need a small space and you're set to go.

Also, proper skipping technique promotes better knee health. By pushing off from the balls of your feet, you reduce the repetitive shocks that are typically caused by running.

Bottom line? Speed rope skipping gives you a killer workout. Plus you get an endurance workout, mixed in with a coordination element and agility work with your feet.

Product details:

  • Two comfortable handles with ball bearing attachment for smooth and consistent "turn-over"
  • Completely adjustable up to 270cm length.
  • 2.5mm thick steel wire encased in a thin layer of nylon to ensure durability. Cuts through the air more quickly, ensuring maximum speed. Ideal for CrossFit workouts.
  • More durable than plastic and leather models.


Q: Being a wire is it still possible to do cross overs and double under crossovers or is it too stiff?

A: Not a problem, our Speed Rope behaves like a normal skipping rope but is much quicker.

Q: Ooh one more question, I like a bit of weight on my rope. Is it heavy?

A: As it's a speed rope it's not heavy. Total weight is about 200g.

Q: im 187cm (6'2''). I saw a review saying he was 183cm and managed ok just wondering if this skipping rope will still be long enough for me?? Cause im sick of having to hold onto the very ends of ropes just to get enough length.

A: All things being equal it should be long enough for you. I'm 185cms and can still skip with 2-3 fingers above handle (on the wire).

Q: Do they have bearings in the handles?

A: No. They have a very simple fail free rotating collar

Q: Hello, would this rope be suitable for somebody who is 6'7"? Otherwise would you have another longer rope? Many thanks Fiona

A: It would be touch and go. Simply send it back if it's not suitable Fiona.

Q: I use a rope at the gym I'm at that looks very similar however the rope itself I'm pretty sure is just plastic. The result of this is that it hasn't lost the twists that were in it from when they first got it and can sometimes snag on your feet and cause you to trip up while working out. Does this rope have the same problem?

A: Our Speed Rope has a plastic coated wire, so it takes a couple of goes to get the initial twists out but after that the weight of the wire pulls it straight which provides trip free skipping experience.

Q: Is this rope adjustable for, I am quiet short and find most ropes need to be cut down. I am wondering how you would cut something like this down?

A: The Speed Rope is very easily adjusted. It's a simple screw that secures the wire to the handles and the wire can be easily cut with the "snipping" portion on a set of pliers.

Q: Hi, While I was doing double unders the screw and collar that secures the wire to the handle came loose and flew off and is now lost. Can I purchase replacement parts? Kind regards Jayne

A: Unfortunately we do not sell the parts individually.

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  • Power Rings


Rated: 4.6875 out of 5 based on 48 customer reviews

May 7, 2014
Speed Rope and Power Bag

Awesome quality, easy to prep for training, great product, low price and speedy delivery. What else could I ask for?

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Ben Brockhurst Leacock
May 4, 2014
Great rope, awesome for double unders

awesome rope for anyone, good long handles and is so smooth. 
only down side was it was so strong it was a bastard to try and cut down to a shorter length :) 

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Aine Farrell
Apr 9, 2014
speed ropes & high handle trap bar

The quality of equipment from Iron Edge is second to none. The site is easy to navigate and delivery to our regional area is super fast and efficient. The last purchase I made was a high handle trap bar which is great quality and the speed ropes are brilliant compared to ones I purchased elsewhere for the same price that broke upon first usage.

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