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Do-Win Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Rated: 4 out of 5 based on 79 customer reviews

*Note: $99.00
Do-Win Olympic Weightlifting Shoes 2343 Do-Win Olympic Weightlifting Shoes 2339 Do-Win Olympic Weightlifting Shoes 2340 Do-Win Olympic Weightlifting Shoes 2341 Do-Win Olympic Weightlifting Shoes 2342 Do-Win Olympic Weightlifting Shoes 2343


Weightlifting Shoes by Do-Win. 2012 New Design!

If you're serious about improving your lifting then you're missing out if you don't have proper weightlifting shoes.

Made of 30% leather and 70% artificial leather with a 3/4 inch wooden heel.

Check the table to get the right size for you.
Please note: Our weightlifting shoe only comes in European sizes 36 - 49.

For more information on weightlifting shoes and how they can improve your lifting click here.

Want a comprehensive reason to choose weightlifting shoes? Check out this article.

Note: Do Win have a rather generous fit that results in most people opting for a size down on their regular shoe. If you have purchased a pair, please write a review and sizing information to help others get the right fit.  Please use the following customer feedback guides but remember each manufacturer can be slightly different:


Customer 1: Size 8 US mens runners - wears a size 40 Do Win.

Customer 2: Size 10 US mens runners - wears size 43 Do Win

Customer 3: Size 11 US mens runner - wear size 44 Do Win

Customer 3: Size 12 US mens runner - wears size 45 Do Win


Customer 3: Size 8 US Womens runner - wears 39 Do Win

Customer 4 - Size 7.5 US  Womens runner - Wears 38 Do Win

Please give us feedback on the product review tab to help other lifters choose the correct size.


Choose your size and click "add to cart button"


Q: whats the heel height?

A: The total heel height is 35mm. More importantly though the elevation is ~20mm or 3/4"

Q: Hi there. I've got quite a kind of wide foot and most of my trainers are between size 9 and 10. In your opinion what size should I order? Thanks

A: The majority of people find that the lower of the two sizes they are between fits best as they are quite a roomy fit.

Q: Is there a mondopoint sizing comparison. I wear everything from a Size 8 US/ 41.5 Euro Asics Kayano, to a Size 43 Euro Cycling shoe. What size would you suggest?

A: As a guide I would take into account your Aasics size more so than the cycling shoe. The Do Wins are a rather large fit that see most people opting for one size down. If you wear an 8US (Will that works here has the same sized foot) we would suggest a Do Win 40.

Q: hi im currently looking for a good pair of shoes for squats / front squats / leg press / lunges / deadlifts / sumo deadlifts / stiff leg dead lifts / romanian deadlifts etc but im not sure which is the best shoe for which exercises. could you please give me any recomendations to help chose the right shoe for the exercises and why ?

A: Whilst you could easily perform all those movements in any of the shoes we sell, there's no one shoes that's optimal for all those lifts. Unfortunately individual pathology issues and personal preference will outweigh any advice we can give.

Q: Why are you lying about heel height being 3/4"? These are 1.5" twice as much as you claim.

A: Not a lie mate, a misunderstanding in the copy. The 'wooden section' of the heel is indeed 3/4". So whilst the he total heel height is 35mm the actual elevation remains 3/4".

Q: Hi, I have been wearing Vibrams for crossfit because other running shoes, having an elevated heal caused a lot of knee pain for me when lifting. (I cant wear shoes with heals because of my knees). Would these be more beneficial having a solid heal?

A: While the Do-Wins have a solid heal it is an elevated one (~20mm elevation). So whilst they will give you far better stability for your lifts and put you in a more powerful position, unless your knee pain stems from instability they're probably not going to help with your pain.

Q: i tryed on my mates pair witch are uk 9.1/2 and i wouldnt want to go any smaler length ways but they were very roomy should i go down half a size?

A: Dropping down to the UK 9s you'll lose ~10mm in length. If you need a more snug fit check out the Nike Romaleos. The Romaleos have the same fit as a standard Nike shoe with 2 straps across the bridge for the best possible fit.

Q: Hi there - so based on the previous Q&As, if I am a US 10.5, I should go for the 43's? Thanks

A: That's correct, any dramas we can swap them over though.

Q: I wear orthotics in my shoes, is there an insert/liner I can remove to help them fit better?

A: Yes, the Nikes come with 2 interchangable inserts, so they could be easily removed to fit an orthodic.

Q: I wear Chuck Taylors size 15 US. Will the size 49 Do Win fit me? If I had it sent out and it was simply too tight, could I send it back for a refund? Thanks.

A: The Do-Win shoes are quite a generous fit, based on past experience the 49s should fit fine. If for any reason they don't send them back to us and we can either exchange sizes or refund.

Q: hi im a size 12us in my asics runners, would it be fair to say i would be a size 46?

A: Our experience would suggest a 45 would be a better fit.

Q: I am a size 8.5 US, what size would you recommend for me?

A: 40 should be pretty close to the mark

Q: Hi there. I wear a pair of asics US 9 / Eur 42.5 footy boots and they fit very snugly Should I go for a 42 do-win or a size down?

A: Past experience would suggest a 41 will be a better fit.

Q: do you guys have them at the warehouse so we can try on?

A: We have them at the showroom which is at 12 Weir St Glen Iris.

Q: hi i wear womens size 10 shoe. what size do you recommend?

A: 40

Q: Hi, just another sizing question. I have Asics Kayanos which are US13/Euro48/30.5cm on the label. Based on your chart a US13 is a Euro 47 1/3. What would you recommend as the best equivalent Dowin size for me? Thanks

A: 46

Q: Hello, yes another sizing question. I wear size US11 Asics and other shoes. I am a EE width. Is size 44 the appropriate size?

A: Yes

Q: Hi - with the solid wooden heel on these shoes, are they still able to be worn during CrossFit sessions that aren't just Oly lifts?

A: They're designed for Olympic and not optimized for anything else, that said they'll be ok for most WODs that don't involve running.

Q: can we buy these at your warehouse in glen iris?

A: Yes, these are available at our Glen Iris showroom.

Q: confused are the heels made of wood or they rubber/foam....the description says wooden heel, the pictures look similar to the Adidas Oly shoe with the soft foam/rubber heel? Thank You

A: It's wood with an aesthetic cover.

Q: Hi there, I recently tried a pair of Do-Win's that one of my mates had and it was a UK size 10. I'm a male and it fits just perfectly. I'm wondering if you could tell me what size it is in EUR? I have had many issues with shoe sizes and I hope you could help me on this!

A: A UK10 is a 44.5 which we don't carry. As the Do-Wins run large the 44 will be the closest match.

Q: Hi there, I suffer from poor dorsi flexion. My lifting coach suggests I buy a pair of the do-win shoes and modify them to add additional height to the wooden heal. Can this be done with this shoe? Or is there another one I should be looking for? Cheers Chris

A: The total heel height is 35mm. With the elevation being ~20mm. This shoe is unable to be adjusted for additional height. You may be able to insert some inner soles to add some height. We are unaware of any weightlifting shoe at the moment that enable height adjustment. If you find one, please let us know.

Q: hi i wear a size 10 1/2 us in asics gel what size would i need t get and also do they come in a different colour.

A: Please refer to our sizing chart under the 'description' heading on the Do-Win product page. We currently only stock the white Do-Wins.

Q: Hi, A complete girlie question but do these come in any other colours?

A: We only currently stock the Do-wins in the White.

Q: Hi, My foot measures about 27.5cm from the heels to the tallest toe. Was wondering what size you recommend. Thanks.

A: The shoes size that suits you the best is very individual are hard for us to recommend. Your foot measurement equates to a 44-45 Euro.

Q: Could you recommend a size for me? I'm a US Mens 11.5 for Inov8 and Asics branded shoes.

A: An EU 45 is the equivalent but given the spacious fit of the Do-Win a 44 is probably a better option.

Q: Hi, I'm a US mens 8.5 and according to the chart I'd be a EU 41. Should I be looking at getting a size 40 for a good fit?

A: That's correct.

Q: We bought a pair of weight lifting shoes for our sons birthday and after approx. 5 months the front of the shoe is coming apart. What is the warranty on the shoes and if there is a warranty how do get them either fixed or replaced?

A: For all damage and returns inquiries please e-mail info@ironedge.com

Q: G'day, would these shoes be okay to use on your standard concrete garage floor, or do they need a platform?

A: The rubber sole would wear down faster on concrete, but they would be fine to use.

Q: Aloha, im a size US8 with my vibrams, would you recommend aiming for a size 39? I also have a very narrow foot with a high arch would the shoe cater that?

A: The Do-Win Weightlifting shoe is a very wide fitting shoe. Most of the feedback we have received is to go down a size from your standard shoe. They also offer very little arch support. I would recommend looking at the Nike Romealeos as they are a much more structured shoe.

Q: Ive been told having your foot as flat to the ground as possible with no heel elevation is best for all deadlift type movements. Where as for all squat type movements you should have a slight heel elevation is this true or is it different for everyone ?

A: Whilst this is generally considered to be true it can vary from person to person. Length of legs, flexibility and a range of other factors can all contribute.

Q: Hi, my son wears a sizw 44 clip race shoe would he be the same size for your shoes. Also would a 44 be a 10.5 US or 11.5 ?

A: An EU44 in a US10.5. As for sizing we recommend trying the same size as your best-fitting pair of trainers.

Q: hi...do you know when you'l have size 43 back in stock? cheers

A: Unfortunately we will not have these back for at least a couple of months.

Q: I've fairly wide feet and wear a size 9 Converse Chuck Taylor because they have a fairly long, narrow fit, otherwise I generally waver around an EU 42 and 42.5 depending on shoe width/style. I tried on a pair of Adidas Adipower size US 9 and found them overly tight in the toe area. Based on all this, would I be correct in assuming a size 41 would be an appropriate choice for the Do-Wins?

A: Sounds about right to us!

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Rated: 4 out of 5 based on 79 customer reviews

Martyn king
May 28, 2014
Do-Win shoes

Was worried about buying shoes on line so rang up first to work out the size to get.
The assistant gave me advice and the shoes fitted perfectly.
Lifting in lifting shoes has been of great benefit to me.

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Apr 16, 2014

Great Shoe

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Marian Wright
Mar 27, 2014
great service

Hassle free, efficient service. Very professional company,

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