What is Voodoo Floss? Commonly referred to as Compression Band Therapy (CBT), Voodoo Floss (VF) is the use of an elastic band to apply compression to improve range of motion and mobility, decrease pain, and improve performance. Personal trainers and Health Practitioners use VF as a rehabilitative tool to assist in one’s recovery. How does […]

What’s a simple, easy, effective workout for the biggest fat loss effects? For years they used to say do uber long sessions of cardio and you’ll still see many women (and men) in the gym today slogging out for hours on the treadmill, bikes or cross-trainers with the intense desire to lose that stubborn weight […]

Power Lifters and Weight Lifters may tell you that jogging is a load of crud and Marathoners will say that heavy resistance training makes you bulky, less agile and gives you a heart attack. Pretty profound statements but that’s just the truth of the matter when there’s an emotional attachment. It seems engrained in people’s […]

Confused about how to train? Are cardio machines evil? Should I just do ‘functional’ training (a highly bastardised term today) and forget about all machine and isolated strength exercises? Are Kettlebells the only piece of equipment I will ever need? Or a squat rack and barbell? Maybe just some matted floor to do calisthenics? Now […]

Classic Kettlebells and Iron Edge Classic kettlebells have been a signature product in the Iron Edge line up ever since our inception, and are directly related to why our company was created in the first place. Really though it’s not all that surprising, some tools and training methodologies just seem to transcend time with their […]

At Iron Edge we’re forever improving and refining our products. Innovation, premium quality & service is core to our business and we pride ourselves on doing things properly. Through combined efforts in negotiating with suppliers and improving our processes, we’ve been able to secure better pricing storewide*. Our new pricing structure (up to 10% discount […]

A solid lifting rack, whether it be a Matrix or Vector cell, a Zenith rack, an Iron Cage, the Assault Rack or the Power Cage should stand as the corner stone to any serious performance set-up. After all they stand as supportive structures for building serious strength on, offering a pillar in which to support […]