Built without compromise

Built without compromise


Iron Edge assembled the fitness industry's finest engineering team. They design, test and oversee the manufacture of Iron Edge products to ensure the quality and function is optimised.



Iron Edge products are born out of a quest to improve the industry standard and bring innovative ideas to the training world. They have to be better. And useful. Consider the Matrix Frames. Gyms required a space efficient, modular solution capable of combining a myriad of training options. So our engineers went to work and 18 months later, in 2010, the Matrix was released. It's gone on to revolutionise the training landscape and become one of the most popular (and copied) products in the market.



We approach the design of training equipment in much the same way as a car manufacturer. The team use the latest 3D modelling software producing models that are first assessed and tested within the virtual world. Tolerances are measured in fractions of a degree and simulations inflict up to 27,000 years of abuse on components. Hundreds of combinations are trialled before the model is then put through further analysis.

Further Analysis
We are way harder on our equipment than you'll ever be. Finite element analysis simulations are conducted to run static, dynamic and fatigue testing. The process includes extensive physical testing that may include 1.5 tonne static loads or a 500kg drop test. Weak points are identified. The design is optimised further.

All Iron Edge manufactured products go through several prototyping stages. It can take months but it's the only way to ensure the first product off the line will function and perform the way it was intended.

Design Selection
Even if a product satisfies our engineers it's not signed off for production until our training team put it through it’s paces. Their feedback is crucial and focuses on functionality, ergonomics and ultimately, performance. If it's not significantly better than what is widely available in the market, it's considered a failure and redesign commences.

The Badge that Matters

We no longer just say our products are the best you can buy. We can prove they are. The 'IE steel' badge is your guarantee that the product is 100% designed and engineered by Iron Edge in Australia and carries a warranty* that is the best in the industry.

Iron Edge Engineered badge
Built without compromise