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Historically, training in a home gym has meant compromising on equipment and training quality. Not any more. Targeted specifically at the home user, Iron Edge present the 'STZ Home' series. It's the product of over 14 years experience fitting out gyms for Australia's best coaches, athletes and teams including: Collingwood Football Club®, The Melbourne Storm® and The Australian Defence Forces.

Forget home gyms as you know them. No more multi-station cable machines or flimsy bench presses. With as little as 8m2 you can have a Serious Training Zone where you can train like an athlete. Right in your own home.


The STZ Home series delivers Iron Edge's extremely successful 'serious training' system into your home. It's the result of years working with Australia's elite coaches, athletes and physical therapists.

The beauty of the system is that it works. It's not a fad or a shortcut. It's simply the most effective way of achieving genuine fitness results. You might think of it as 'functional training'. But it is so much more. It's how SAS soldiers, Olympians, NRL and AFL players all train. They develop useful strength that gets them moving better. And much stronger.

With an STZ Home Gym you too can train this way. You'll have the same elite grade equipment and have access to the same training techniques. And best of all, you won't even have to leave home.

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