Iron Edge is back

It’s been a shit 12 months.

As many of you know, the business I built from scratch, Iron Edge, was brought to its knees. My lifelong mission to bring the best high performance training equipment to Australia in pieces.

Market forces, competition, copycats, poor financial management and a serious illness personally all played a part. Ultimately, the banks lost patience and over 70 staff, who had worked their guts out for years, were shown the door. Suppliers and customers were left wanting.

Just like that, a business that in it’s prime, turned over $18 million annually was finished.

A devastating day for all involved.

As owner and Managing Director I take full responsibility.
Sure there were many events out of my control but ultimately the buck stops with me. From the outside, no one could believe it. A lot internally couldn’t either. Nor could I.

I can confirm – as they say - you learn more on the way down than on the way up. We have done some serious learning and we have made some mistakes that will NEVER be repeated.

It has been a pretty gut-wrenching time for all involved.

The support and empathy from people, however, has been overwhelming and for that I will be eternally grateful.

But the time for navel gazing is over.

Iron Edge was a trail blazer.

It changed an industry and people’s attitudes of what proper training was all about. It designed, innovated and manufactured (locally where possible) Australia's best high performance equipment.

The professional teams knew it, along with all the major gym chains and any hardened athlete.

For this reason, I felt obligated to do something, so I sought some help…..

Help came in the way of investment.
In people who share the same vision and who have bought the Iron Edge name to carry on my original business philosophy and to make the brand famous again.

It is early days, but the re-vamped Iron Edge has begun trading.

The new model will be stripped back. Plans are to stock 'the essentials’. The gear that has been proven to stack up through years of testing. The gear the ‘serious training' methodology was built on.

With a more streamline business model, our pricing will be sharper, while maintaining the quality gear we’re known for and the service to match.

For all of our loyal customers, I thank you.
Thank you for the inspiration to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

To rebuild the #1 High Performance brand in Iron Edge.


Rick Ravensdale