Matrix - Single Cell + 1 extension

Matrix - Single Cell + 1 extension

Matrix - Wide Cell Monkey

Matrix - Wide Cell Monkey

Matrix - Wide Cell + 1 extension


The Matrix was designed to maximise floor space while providing an infinite number of workout options for serious training.

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Matrix - Wide Cell + 1 extension
Matrix - Wide Cell + 1 extension

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    Traditionally, a gym is defined by its equipment. The kind of equipment present not only defines the range of exercises you can perform, but the clientele the facility is going to serve.

    Notions of physical conditioning have changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Elite athletic training has merged with SAS and military conditioning to throw us new hybrids like CrossFit that produces athletes who, as amateurs, are separated from professionals only by the number of hours they spend at the gym. Iron Edge has been instrumental in this shift from training to shape that peaks on the biceps towards training that challenges and develops speed, balance, power and recovery. For us, it’s all about evolution.

    The Matrix was designed to maximise floor space while providing an infinite number of workout options for serious training. You can squat, bench press, rack pull, rack press, military press, chin-up, kip, dip, ring dip, use bands to load and de-load lifts, attach Torsonators as well as Olympic rings and suspension trainers to allow more exercise options than you can poke an Olympic bar at.

    In a single cell, there are no fewer than 512 laser cut holes in the unique 4-directional vertical posts that allow instant changes of Spotting Arms, J-Hooks, sling brackets and utility pegs to construct work stations with any number of options. This results in a rack that can accommodate a single athlete or a large group to train simultaneously. In addition, Torsonator sleeves can be slotted into any hole. The same can be done with utility pegs for weight plate storage or band anchorage.

    Beyond the first cell, there are no limitations to The Matrix's permutations; One cell. Two cells. Ten cells. Straight. L-shaped. 2400mm bridge height. 3500mm bridge height. Wall attached. Freestanding. We've engineered The Matrix to ensure every customer can build their own custom made Matrix from 'stock' components. No matter your training space or training requirements, the Matrix can be adapted to suit.

    A well-planned gym uses space efficiently – it’s not overcrowded and will provide valuable open floor space for agility and sprint training, stretching and mobility, kettlebell training, Power Ropes, plyometrics and so on.

    When we released the Matrix in 2009, it was the world’s first multi-directional squat rack. Not only did it out-perform every squat rack on the market that had come before it, it provided the ultimate platform for the broadest range of training modalities and equipment. Best of all, the whole thing boiled down to a patch of gym floor at a mere 1.21 square meters.

    After bringing experience to bear, we’ve been able to improve on The Matrix yet again. Having worked with our engineers and listened to our customers, the latest Matrix accessories are now 100% designed in-house at Iron Edge. This allows a great degree of precision and assurance that every single product has been tested and measured and is worthy of the Iron Edge stamp. 

    The principal changes are as follows:

    • Upright holes have been reduced from 27mm to 26m. This means a perfect fit for accessories such as spotting arms and j-hooks, reducing play in the joins to an absolute minimum. It also means we can do away with locking pins because the fit is as tight and smooth as the lid on a jar
    • A 14-hole structure at the top of the uprights, instead of the standard 7. This allows chin bars to be fitted anywhere between 1.8m and 2.6m, or as high as 3.5m on extensions.
    • Brand new Premium J-cups and Spotting Arms. Importantly, the new spotting arms no longer require fiddly safety pins. In addition, the polyethylene parts that provide protection to your expensive barbells are of a much higher quality and provide increased durability. 
    • 2 pairs of Premium J-Cups are now included with every Matrix Cell.
    • Crossbeam brackets now have a 6-slot structure instead of the former 3 to allow for a greater range of height choice and combination of crossbeams. For example, opposing chin bars can now be set at the same height without bolts clashing.
    • The extension height can be adjusted from 2.8m to a maximum of 3.5m to allow more clearance for taller athletes to perform muscle ups and other ring exercises. 
    • With the future in mind, the Matrix has additional holes for forthcoming attachments/features; explosion ladder, multi-grip chin-up bars & pyramid monkey bars just to name a few.
    • The powder coat finish is now twice as thinck as its predecessor. It provides the highest protection possible while maintaining that perfect textured matte black finish on the chin bars .

    Matrix 2.0 - Wide Cell + 1 Extension includes:

    • 4 x 2400mm Length (65mm x 65mm x 3mm SHS) uprights
    • 2 x 1080mm straight crossbeams
    • 2 x 1100mm extensions
    • 2 x 2120mm Monkey crossbeams
    • 2 pairs Matrix J-Hooks


    • Length: 2230mm
    • Width: 1210mm
    • Height: 3500mm
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