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Note: These bands are 12inch in length and can not be used for large scale movements such as assisted Pull-ups, Dips and push-ups. Please see our 41" range of Power Bands.

Looking at improving your major lifts?

Here's how to apply band tension easily for major lifts like bench pressing and deadlifts...

It's no secret. Power bands are an awesome tool for improving your bench press and deadlift.

The problem with traditional 41" bands is that the extra length have always made it difficult to get the tension exactly right. You can spend frustrating minutes making sure each band is the same length and under the correct tension.

Not any more.

Our range of 12 inch bands make setting up band resisted lifting easy. No more doubling up (or more) and this also increases the life span of the band. No more shredding or knotting. Simply hook them over the loaded deadlift bar, stand on them and your ready to pull- taking advantage of the many benefits band training provides.

Plus there's another benefit.

These 12 inch Power Bands are ideal for travelling. Used with our band handles you're able to perform deadlifts anywhere you go. And don't think you won't be able to perform maximum effort lifts. Our range of 12 inch bands can accommodate all lifters – no matter what your strength. At 6 foot tall, a pair of black bands would provide approximately 120kg at the top of the lift!

Note: These bands are 12inch in length and can not be used for large scale movements such as assisted Pull-ups, Dips and push-ups. Please see our 41" range of Power Bands. 

Don't be fooled by imitation resistance bands

Our Power Bands are the only true resistance bands that have "latex layer technology".

This is a proprietary technology (25 years in the making) that ensures maximum durability and lifespan for each band. Every band is manufactured by laying the latex around and around allowing it to cure together – it's a slower process but ensures top quality.

Other manufacturers simply dip their bands into the latex and hope for the best. Quality cannot be guaranteed this way. Worse still, some cheaper manufacturers are loading the rubber with fillers to reduce costs further.

Our rubber is 100% pure – no fillers and no short cuts are taken. Ever!

If your safety and training is important to you, please consider the best resistance bands on the market today.

Our bands come with a 60 day satisfaction and quality guarantee. If our bands fail within 60 days of purchase we will replace them at no charge. No questions asked.


Our Power Bands are made of layered latex. It is recommended that people with latex allergies do not expose their skin to Power Bands.

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