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The new normal

Iron Edge have been at the forefront of high performance training in Australia for over 10 years. It's a success based on working with the best coaches, teams and athletes including Collingwood FC®, The Melbourne Storm® and the Australian Defence Forces.

Now Iron Edge bring this expertise to PT Studios. Forget any preconceived ideas about how a PT Studio should look or cost. No more expensive treadmills and ineffective pin-loaded machines clogging up floorspace. Instead you can have a far more effective space that will revolutionise your training sessions and ensure your clients will be fitter and more loyal than ever.


Fitness First fitness Director Rob Hale and Acquisition Manager Mike Smith discuss how the fitness industry is changing.

A revolution has started

For over two decades commercial gyms (and PT Studios) have looked much the same - cardio machines, pin-loaded weight stations, dumbbell racks and large group training rooms. Not any more. Commercial gyms are changing. Some of the biggest chains in Australia are ripping out the conventional equipment and replacing it with an Iron Edge STZ. (Many PT Studio owners are joining them.)

Results have been immediate. Members and PTs are thrilled with the new look and endless training options. Whilst owners have been staggered with the impact on their brand, retention and gym usage.

Serious Training Zones (STZ)

A STZ delivers Iron Edge's highly successful 'serious training' system into your studio. It's the result of years working with Australia's elite coaches, athletes and physical therapists. You might think of it as 'functional training'. But it is so much more.

The beauty of the system is that it works. It develops useful strength that improves movement and performance. It's not a fad or a shortcut. It's simply the most effective way of achieving genuine fitness results.

End-to-end Service

With Iron Edge, revolutionising your space is easy. It all starts with a consultation. We'll listen to your objectives and then tell you what can be done and what space is required. From there everything is taken care of.

Small group training

The gym world is excited about Small Group Training (SGT) and it's easy to see why. SGT provides members with the personal attention of a PT session, without the expense of going one-on-one. For gyms it's an opportunity to inject new life into the gym culture as members and PTs get to know each other. It's also a chance to boost revenue through rental premiums.


SGT and a STZ go hand in hand. You'll have more room and more equipment. No more single user pin loaded machines or excessive numbers of treadmills taking up floor space. Just usable floor space that allows training with mixed implements like kettlebells, sand bags, Bulgarian Bags, Dead Balls, Agility Bands, etc. to running interval training circuits, complexes, relays and team challenges. And that's the beauty of STZs. With hundreds of exercise options, no two training sessions ever have to be the same. Weights, reps, times and exercises are easily scaleable catering for all fitness levels.


An Iron Edge STZ Fitout makes perfect financial sense. It will benefit your business financially in the following ways:

• Client Engagement

• Client Retention

• Increased Yield

• Increased PT Fees

• Reduced Recruitment Costs

Makes perfect sense

Iron Edge head trainer Shane Yost explains how your PT’s will benifit from the variety of training options a STZ will provide to their clients.

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